Effective Selling / PROFESSIONAL

Date: 2020 01 30 - 2020 01 31

Investment for 1 person: 519 EUR

Registration closed

Basic subjects

  • Success factors of the result
  • Analysis of the client’s hierarchy of expectations (needs)
  • Effective selling model PROFESSIONAL (practical algorithm):
  • Determination of SMART goals and initiation of contacts with the client (situational analysis, arrangements for the contact);
  • Client engagement (production of the initial attraction, effective presentation of the product / services);
  • Sale and maintenance of mutually beneficial contacts (interviewing techniques);
  • Benefit substantiation (NASA arguments presentation model);
  • Discord resolution (conflict prevention, attentive listening, benefit and price substantiation):
  • Productive finalization of the contact (arrangements for the contract, further measures);
  • Monitoring of the contact (time planning, control means, supervision of quality indices)
  • Training of positivism in the selling and customer service (methodology and practice);
  • Individual development plan