For service emlpoyees

“Take care of your customers otherwise your competitors will take care of them.”


Conflict Prevention and Management / PREVENT

Basic subjects

  • Factors of successful communication
  • Personal motivation types
  • Psychological aspects of the conflict:
  • Principal types of the interpersonal conflicts
  • Application of the transactional analysis (TA) in the interpersonal contacts
  • Motivation hierarchy of needs
  • Management of the stress situations
  • Individual action plan

Effective Phone Calls / CALL

Basic subjects

  • Different sales situations and influencing factors
  • “Sales Talk” algorithm for phone calls (structure, standards, exercises)
  • Correct marketing messages – USP (unique sales proposition) formation by phone
  • Phone communication (voice control) skills (articulation, diction, and oratory exercises)
  • Production of the typical client psychological profile
  • Different psychological motivation profiles of the person (individual testing)
  • Use of TA (transactional analysis) and OK corral for the assessment of the client’s psychological situation (exercises)
  • Conflict prevention and resolution of controversies
  • Positivity training (Application of NLP methods for self-training, autogenic training)
  • Personal charisma in the communication with clients
  • Individual development and self-training plan

Cross-Selling in Customer Service / EXTRA

Basic subjects

  • Peculiarities and tendencies in selling psychology
  • Businessman behaviour in persistent (cross-selling) sales (assessment of the individual efficiency in the selling situations)
  • Assessment of the individual behaviour type (empathy and influence ratio)
  • Cross-selling situations according to different personality profiles
  • Persistent selling (cross-selling) model ACCEPT (algorithm exercises)
  • Personal charisma in customer service
  • Individual development plan