About us

For each company CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) calculation is a necessary measure of the business growth monitoring over multiple time periods, according to the formula:cagr-formule-en

CAGR Consulting Group is a business consultants – experts group which is aimed at developing and educating the sales teams and client servicing of business companies for the improvement of their consulting and training activities, which would allow reaching measurable results: increase in sales, improvement of the clients’ loyalty, and the assurance of talent maintenance.

In pursuit of results, we value fair treatment of our customers and attentive approach to their needs, we are not limiting ourselves to only training and monitoring efforts. A significant impact on the successful outcome is ensured by forming workers’ beliefs and values.

Our multi-business consulting and general competency training experience shows, that what really impacts the outcome is not what people know, but what people are.

CAGR Consulting Group is a joint force of business consultant-partner team, working under a unified CAGR business model and seeking to create value-based long-term relationships with our customers and bring together experts with experience in management, sales, marketing, customer service, personnel management, business process improvement, personality psychology, coaching and other areas of expertise.


We know what is takes to improve personal competencies and build a motivated team, so we established a dedicated business training, recreation, rural tourism and ethno-cultural center at Dubysa Regional Park ( Lyduvėnai Trikalnis Manor , Raseiniai district).