For sales managers

„Never mix movement with action.“

Ernest Hemingway

Effective Selling / PROFESSIONAL

Basic subjects

  • Success factors of the result
  • Analysis of the client’s hierarchy of expectations (needs)
  • Effective selling model PROFESSIONAL (practical algorithm):
  • Determination of SMART goals and initiation of contacts with the client (situational analysis, arrangements for the contact);
  • Client engagement (production of the initial attraction, effective presentation of the product / services);
  • Sale and maintenance of mutually beneficial contacts (interviewing techniques);
  • Benefit substantiation (NASA arguments presentation model);
  • Discord resolution (conflict prevention, attentive listening, benefit and price substantiation):
  • Productive finalization of the contact (arrangements for the contract, further measures);
  • Monitoring of the contact (time planning, control means, supervision of quality indices)
  • Training of positivism in the selling and customer service (methodology and practice);
  • Individual development plan

Successful Presentation / PRESENT

Basic subjects

  • Hypnotism and personal charisma in the presentation
  • Structure and form of the presentation (algorithm of the presentation, training of the practical presentation skills)
  • Techniques of the conversation (discussion) conduct and control (communication with various types of interlocutors, formal / informal audience)
  • Suggestive presentation of arguments (practical application of NASA model)
  • Creativity in the presentation
  • Exercises of verbal and non-verbal techniques (SOL’o model)
  • Use of technical means in the presentation (peculiarities and errors)
  • Individual development and self-training plan

Successful Sales Planning / SALES PLAN

Basic subjects

  • Success factors of the result
  • Assessment of the result (result and input measuring model)
  • Seller’s input assessment (input, importance of promotions)
  • Analysis of the clients structure (platform, clients psychological profile, personal data basis)
  • Determination and control of sales goals (formation of goals, analysis of the key performance indicators (KPI), effective time planning)
  • Frequent sales planning mistakes
  • Positivism, self-motivation and self-training in the selling process
  • Individual action plan

Negotiation Skills / NEGO

Basic subjects

  • Analysis of different individual motivation types
  • Practical negotiation conduct algorithm NEGO
  • Conflict prevention, particularities of unpleasant information “seller to client” disclosure
  • Practical ways to present “for and against” arguments
  • Active listening and various interviewing techniques
  • Measures for discord resolution
  • Self-training plan

Effective Participation in the Exhibition Show / EXPO

Basic subjects

  • Preparation for the exhibition show (determination of the principal goals, forethought of options and risks)
  • Production of the psychological profile of the potential clients
  • Simulation of the practical situations in the exhibition show and analysis of different sociological types
  • Creation of the affirmative and positive atmosphere, and audience control in the exhibition show
  • Conflict prevention in the exhibition show
  • Team work peculiarities in the exhibition show
  • Micro-presentation techniques in the exhibition show (eye contact, voice, body language, singularities for use of technical means)
  • Frequent mistake in the exhibition show
  • Effective performance algorithm at the end of the exhibition show
  • Individual action plan

Advanced Selling Matrix / Persistent Selling – ACCEPT

Basic subjects

  • Various selling situations and influencing factors
  • Tendencies of the relationship between the seller and the client in the market
  • Businessman’s behaviour in the persistent (cross-) selling
  • Persistent (cross-) selling model ACCEPT (introduction of the algorithm)
  • A personal charisma in the selling process
  • Individual development plan

Advanced Selling Matrix / Values Sales – TACTICS

Basic subjects

  • Various selling situations and influencing factors
  • Tendencies of the relationship between the seller and the client in the market (projection and empathy)
  • Stimulation of the need: effective methods and mistakes
  • Businessman’s behaviour in the selling process
  • Value sales model TAKTIKA (introduction of the algorithm)
  • Application of non-standard solutions and creativity in the formation of the value for the client
  • Individual action plan

Advanced Selling Matrix / Relationship Sales – KEEP

Basic subjects

  • Psychological training of participants for work in the common area
  • Efficient cooperation seeking for good results
  • Analysis of the personal motivation profile
  • Psychological aspects of the relationship between the seller and the client (transactional analysis, “OK corral”, “Johar window”)
  • Consolidation of the personal motivation profile applying active psychodrama and presentation techniques
  • Practical application of cooperation between different motivation types
  • Channels and bottlenecks of efficient cooperation: channels for transmitting – receiving of information, importance of the cerebral hemispheres in receiving information
  • Active listening in the resolution of the complicated situations (causes of conflicts and their prevention, the algorithm for unpleasant information disclosure)
  • Non-verbal body talk in the communication process
  • Communication based on mutual trust applying coaching practice with metaphor cards “Points of You”
  • Individual development plan

Advanced Selling Matrix / Solution Sales – NEED

Basic subjects

  • Positioning of the solution sales model NEED
  • Non-standard problem solution methods
  • Channels for transmitting – receiving of information and their bottlenecks
  • Non-formal absorption into the client’s situation (solution-making psychology)
  • De-escalation of the problem
  • Proposition of the effective solution: logical argumentation and visualization
  • Consolidation of the agreement endeavouring for a long-term partnership
  • Individual development plan

Negotiations for Advanced / NEGO PLUS

Basic subjects

  • Principles of the successful negotiations
  • Get ready for the negotiations (analysis of the negotiation situation, goals, choice of strategy)
  • Different types and styles of negotiators
  • Information exchange
  • Structure of the negotiations
  • Assessment of the positions for the negotiation (possible tactics and mistakes)
  • Completion of the negotiations (possible tactics and mistakes)
  • Management of complicated situations in the negotiations (exercises)
  • Individual development plan

Laboratory of Sales / IMPACT TRAINING

The program for advanced participants – designed for CEOs and managers of the company after basic CAGR Consulting Group training and seeking to improve practical selling, negotiating and/or presenting skills

Training format

Session progress: extended exercises in the subjects early covered by CAGR Consulting Group training. Additional monitoring of achievements, video training, cross-analysis. Individual (or group) coaching, joint visits, assessment of individual scores, etc.

Principal optional subjects (specimen)

  • Formulation of the visit goals
  • Use of different interviewing techniques during the visit
  • Argumentation (counter argumentation)
  • Escalation of positive acceptances (agreements)
  • Revision and overcoming of discords
  • Profit and price substantiation
  • Management of the discussion
  • Training of the presentation techniques (oratory skills)
  • Coaching of positivism
  • Individual and/or group coaching